Program: Minor in Sociology

Program Description

The minor in Sociology consists of 22 to 23 units.

Program Requirements

1. Lower Division Required Courses (6 units)

SOC 150 Introductory Sociology (3)
SOC 202 Sociological Analysis (3)

2. Upper Division Required Courses (4-5 units)

Choose at least 4 units from the following pairs of courses, taken concurrently:

SOC 368/S Sociological Theory I and Research Seminar in Sociological Theory I (3/2)
SOC 468/S Sociological Theory II and Research Seminar in Sociological Theory II (3/2)
SOC 497/L Methods of Social Research and Lab (3/1)*

*Prerequisite: SOC 364/L

3. Upper Division Electives (12 units)

Upper division Sociology courses chosen with advisor approval.

Total Units Required for the Minor: 22-23

More information

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Chair: Karen Morgaine
Santa Susana Hall (SN) 321
(818) 677-3591