Course: BANA 310. Data Visualization for Business (3)

Prerequisite: SOM 120 or MATH 140 (Business Analytics majors and minors must attain a grade of “C” or higher). (MATH 140 is cross-listed with MATH 140BUS, MATH 140SCI, and MATH 141.)┬áThis course covers the concepts and methods in data mining and analysis relating to exploration and visualization of business data, leading to knowledge discovery from large data sets and better managerial decision making. This course examines a comprehensive set of ways useful in understanding and presenting data using the latest data visualization software and tools. Major topics of this course will include summarizing data using tables and plots. Students will learn through a combination of lectures and hands-on short case studies. Ethics is one of the integral parts of this course since charts and tables can lead the users to a particular direction and action that the analyst wants. Students will learn how to responsibly visualize data.

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BANA 310

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