Prerequisite: SOM 307 (Business Analytics majors must attain a grade of “C” or higher). BUS 302 and BUS 302L are prerequisites for Business majors. Corequisites: BANA 320 and BANA 420. Managing supply chains is a complex and challenging task, given the current business trends of expanding product variety, short product life cycles, increasing outsourcing, globalization of business, and continuous advances in information technology. Many companies are aggressively investing in data analytics tools to generate insights that can help them make well-informed business decisions. This course is offered to help students understand the analytical tools and techniques that are useful in designing and managing supply chains. The emphasis will be on how the models can be used in some fundamental supply chain applications such as transportation, capacity allocation, production planning, network flow, aggregate planning, sales and operations planning, and network design.

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BANA 440

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