Course: SPED 416. Educating Diverse Learners with Disabilities and Working with Their Families (3)

Prerequisites: Restricted to candidates admitted to the Preliminary Education Specialist Credential Program, ITEP, or the Dual Preliminary Single Subject/Education Specialist Credential Program. Prerequisites for Preliminary Education Specialist Credential Program: SPED 400 or SPED 541B, and SPED 407. Prerequisites for Dual Preliminary Single Subject/Education Specialist Program: EPC 420 and SPED 407. This course is designed to provide information regarding the education of diverse learners with disabilities. The course provides an overview of the needs of English language learners (ELLs) with disabilities with an emphasis on understanding and accepting differences in culture, ethnicity, language and abilities and disabilities of individuals. Candidates are introduced to state and federal laws related to students with disabilities and diverse needs. Knowledge and practices for becoming culturally competent educators are discussed, taking into account the principles of language acquisition, language proficiency, differences in family backgrounds and systems, and how these affect learning. Finally, the course addresses ways of communicating effectively and respectfully with families. Available for graduate credit.

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SPED 416

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