Course: SPED 420. Improving the Learning of Students with Special Needs Through Differentiated Instruction and Collaboration (3)

Prerequisite: Restricted to candidates admitted to Credential Programs in Elementary, Secondary or Special Education or acceptance into the Educational Therapy Program.¬†This course is designed for general and special education teachers to learn how to design differentiated instruction that is universally accessible to all learners and how to provide accommodations and modifications to grade-level instruction to meet students’ individual needs. Foundational information on disability characteristics and the potential impact on the inclusive classroom will be introduced and historical foundations of special education and the inclusive education movement will be presented. The course also focuses on developing the basic principles of positive behavior support and the communication skills needed to implement the range of collaborative service delivery options for students with disabilities, students who are at-risk, and those who are gifted and talented. Candidates will develop foundational knowledge and skills in research-based processes for effective instruction of students with special needs, positive behavior support, and collaboration with other educators, administrators, parents and students to improve student learning.¬†Available for graduate credit.

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SPED 420

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