Course: SPED 503MM. Curriculum and Instruction in Math and Content Subjects for Learners with Mild/Moderate Disabilities (3)

Prerequisites: EED 565M or SED 525SPED 400SPED 406SPED 403MM or SPED 506MMA and SPED 506MMB. Prerequisite or Corequisite: SPED 501MM or admission to Educational Therapy programs with pre/corequisites SPED 400SPED 406SPED 501MM. Prerequisites for the Dual Single Subject/Education Specialist Program: EPC 420SED 521SED 525SPED 403MM or SPED 506MMA and SPED 506MMB. Pre/corequisite for the Dual Single Subject/Education Specialist Program: SPED 501MM. This course examines models of assessment, curriculum and instruction in math, writing and content subjects appropriate for students with mild to moderate disabilities. Students use research and contemporary theoretical orientations to evaluate, adapt, modify and/or design methodology, curriculum and instructional strategies for math and content subject instruction. Emphasis is given to the assessment/teaching cycle, the selection and implementation of research-based curricula and instructional methods, developing and evaluating individualized integrated interventions, using assistive and instructional technology, and using Universal Design for Learning to plan instruction that is accessible to all learners.

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