Course: SPED 506EC(A-C). Early Childhood Special Education Internship Field Experience (3-3-3)

Prerequisite: Must be enrolled in the Early Childhood Special Education Specialist Intern Program.
SPED 506ECA–Prerequisites or Corequisites: SPED 431, SPED 532.
SPED 506ECB–Prerequisite: SPED 506ECA; Prerequisite or Corequisite: SPED 520EC.
SPED 506ECC–Prerequisite: SPED 506ECB; Corequisite: Taken in the last semester of the Preliminary Credential Program.

This course is designed to provide ongoing support to candidates in the Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) Intern Credential Program. Reflective supervision is provided through on-site visits by the instructor, analysis of videos, online discussions and monthly meetings. Class sessions involve discussion of teaching experiences, video analysis, problem solving, resource sharing and collegial support. ECSE Interns need to have a grade of “C” or better in SPED 506ECA and a grade of “B” or better in SPED 506ECB and SPED 506ECC.