Course: SPED 506MM(A-D). Special Education Internship Field Experience (3-3-3-3)

Prerequisite: Must be enrolled in the Education Specialist Internship Program. MM Intern Program Prerequisite or Corequisites to second semester of 506MM: SPED 400SPED 406; Prerequisites to fourth semester of SPED 506MM: EED 565M; SPED 400SPED 402, SPED 404, SPED 406SPED 416, SPED 501MM, SPED 502MM.

Extended fieldwork participation for special education intern teachers. Clinical supervision is provided through such means as videotaping and on-site visits by the instructor. Students meet with the instructor to discuss videotapes, on-site observation and fieldwork activities. This course will normally be taken for four semesters (12 units). May be repeated twice for credit.