Course: SWRK 501. Human Behavior and Social Environment I (3)

Prerequisites: Graduate admission; Acceptance to the MSW program. This is the first of two human behavior and the social environment courses that provide understanding of human behavior and social environmental relationships from an ecological perspective. This course focuses on child development from pre-birth to maturity. Child development is a complex interplay between the emerging child and their primary caregiver, the caregiver’s intimate relationships, the extended family, and the family’s relationships to larger social systems. This class examines the transactions between family members in three primary arenas–the intimate relationships within the family; daycare/school; and within urban communities. Students will understand the impact of risks and resiliency in human development. Additionally, the family’s systems of interdependence with political, social, cultural, economic and natural environments are explored.

Fall-2024 - Schedule of Classes

SWRK 501

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