Course: SWRK 621. Advanced Social Work Practice in Urban Communities (3)

Prerequisite: SWRK 521. Recommended Preparatory: First year (Generalist) courses. This course is designed to help students understand and apply mezzo/macro social work interventions in urban community settings that benefit families, groups, organizations and institutions. Building upon the material in SWRK 521, this advanced generalist course provides an opportunity to explore and apply selected advanced social work mezzo/macro practice skills including engagement, assessment, intervention strategies, planning, program development, and evaluation. Students engage in professional self-reflection and analysis of individual and organizational leadership and administration within social service organizations. Students are challenged to apply a variety of critical and theoretical frameworks, including intersectionality, cultural humility, and strengths-based trauma-informed lenses.

Fall-2024 - Schedule of Classes

SWRK 621

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