Program: Theatre Arts, M.A.

Program Description

Notice: The M.A. in Theatre Arts has been suspended as of Spring 2019.

The M.A. degree program is designed to enrich the student’s aesthetic and intellectual needs in the areas of theatrical production, theatre history, literature and criticism, as well as to provide pre-professional training.

Program Requirements

A. Theatre Department Requirements for Graduate Admission

  1. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  2. A statement of professional objectives.
  3. A bachelor’s degree with a major in Theatre, Drama, Performance or academic degrees in another area with significant coursework or professional experience in theatre.
  4. Transcripts from all previous degree-granting educational institutions attended.
  5. A writing sample demonstrating writing and analytical ability.
  6. Two letters of recommendation.

The department’s standards for admission are higher than those required by the University. The department will determine whether a student meets the additional requirements needed for admittance into the Theatre graduate program. All material must be submitted by the deadline to be considered.

B. Requirements to Attain Classified Graduate Status

Graduate students are admitted into the program in two categories: classified and conditionally classified. The departmental requirements to attain classified graduate status are as follows:

  1. University requirements for classified status.
  2. At least a 3.0 GPA in all graduate courses taken in M.A. Theatre coursework.
  3. Department evaluation and approval for admission to classified graduate standing.

C. Requirements for the M.A. Degree

Minimum of 30 units of approved courses, distributed as follows:

1. Required Course (3 units)

TH 600 Seminar in Research Methods and Bibliography in Theatre (3)

2. Choose two courses (6 units) from the following:

TH 620 Seminar in Theatre History (3)
TH 621 Seminar in Theatrical Literature (3)
TH 625 Seminar in Popular Theatre and Entertainment (3)

3. Choose two courses (6 units) from the following:

TH 630 Seminar in Theatre Aesthetics (3)
TH 640 Seminar in Acting and Directing (3)
TH 670 Seminar in Child Drama (3)

4. Choose 12 units from the following:

TH 695A-Z Theories in Drama and Theatre (3-3-3)
TH 699A-C Independent Study (1-3, 1-3)

600-Level Courses (3, 3)

600-level courses not selected for credit under sections 2 and 3 above.

Approved 400- and 500-level Courses (3, 3, 3, 3)

Approved 400- and 500-level courses not taken for undergraduate credit or for admission to classified graduate status.

Courses in Related Fields

With the prior written approval of the student’s permanent graduate advisor, up to 6 units of courses in section 4 may be taken in related fields.

5. Culminating Experience (3 units)

TH 698C Thesis or Graduate Project (3)

D. Foreign Language/Statistics Recommendation

Students planning to continue graduate study in Theatre in a doctoral program are advised to also attain proficiency in a foreign language or competency in statistics.

Total Units Required for the M.A. Degree: 30


Department of Theatre
Chair: Dan Weingarten
Nordhoff Hall (NH) 110
(818) 677-3086

Program Learning Outcomes

Students receiving a Master of Arts in Theatre Arts will be able to:

  1. Define and evaluate the connections between theatre, entertainment, popular culture and digital media arts.
  2. Describe and apply the aesthetic, sociological, political and historical frameworks of global theatre.
  3. Analyze and interpret scholarly writing in the areas of world theatre history, literature and criticism.
  4. Critically examine contemporary debates and emerging disciplinary discourses in theatre.
  5. Create and design interdisciplinary applied theatre projects, incorporating audience analysis, dramaturgy and community engagement.