Program: Theatre, B.A.

Design and Production Option

Program Description

The B.A. degree program is designed to enrich the student’s aesthetic and intellectual needs in the areas of performance and theatrical production, theatre history, literature, and criticism, as well as pre-professional training. Productions serve as a lab to reinforce the classroom training. Undergraduate students are required to participate in department-sponsored productions each semester. Eight or more full-length productions of dramas, musicals and operas are cast, rehearsed, and presented annually by students, faculty, staff, and guest artists. These productions are available for student participants on an audition basis. All aspects of the program are carefully coordinated with the theatre curriculum.

The Design and Production option focuses on the technical aspects of creating theatre. Areas of specialization at CSUN include scenery, costumes, lighting, projection/video, sound, and stage management.

Students in the Theatre, B.A.—Design and Production Option may not declare a double major/option within the Department of Theatre.

Program Requirements

To obtain a B.A. degree with a major in Theatre, a student must have at least a 2.0 GPA in all upper division Theatre courses (including courses transferred from other institutions and applied toward the requirements in the major) and must have taken at least 18 units of upper division Theatre courses in residence. Students may not receive credit for more than 72 units of Theatre courses (including courses transferred from other institutions and applied toward the requirements in the major). Any exceptions to this limitation must be individually approved in writing by the student’s advisor and the department chair before registration will be allowed.

Production Participation

All Theatre majors are required to complete four upper division department production participations. Courses that require a production assignment as part of the course (TH 361P, TH 362P, TH 363P, TH 376, TH 382A-C, TH 384, TH 390A-C, TH 490A-C) will fulfill the production assignment for the semester during which the course is taken.

1. Lower Division Required Courses (18-19 units)

TH 155 Introduction to Design and Creativity (2)
TH 222 Mapping World Theatre and Drama (3)

Note: Coursework in this section must include two corequisite production participation activities.

TH 261/TH 261P Fundamentals of Scenery and Properties Technology (2/1)
TH 262/TH 262P Fundamentals of Costume Technology (2/1)
TH 263/TH 263P Fundamentals of Lighting and Sound Technology (2/1)

Choose 4-5 units from the following Performance courses:

TH 108A Acting I: Fundamentals (2)
TH 142M Theatre Movement I (2)
TH 143V Theatre Voice and Speech I (2)
TH 208A Acting II: Character and Text (3)

2. Upper Division Required Courses (21 units)

TH 321A World Theatre and Drama I (3)
TH 321B World Theatre and Drama II (3)
TH 350 Cultural and Historical Perspectives for Theatre (3)
TH 444 Principles of Directing (3)

Choose 3 units from the following Theatre History/Literature courses:

TH 410 Indigenous Drama in North America and the Pacific (3)
TH 422 Theatre and Drama of Greece and Rome (3)
TH 426 Contemporary Theatre and Drama of Europe and America (3)
TH 432 Theatre and Drama of the United States (3)
TH 433 The Musical Theatre in the United States (3)
TH 530 Theatre and Drama of Latin America (3)
TH 531 Theatre and Drama of Asia (3)
TH 535 Theatrical Theory and Criticism (3)

Choose 2 units from the following Theatre Management courses:

TH 381 Management Techniques for the Theatre (2)
TH 385 Stage Management (2)

Choose 4 units from the following Technical courses:

TH 355 Principles of Theatrical Design (2)
TH 361A Intermediate Scenic Design and Construction Techniques (2)
TH 361B Digital Scenic Techniques (2)
TH 362A Intermediate Costume Techniques (2)
TH 362B Intermediate Costume Crafts (2)
TH 363A Intermediate Lighting Techniques (2)
TH 363B Intermediate Sound Technology (2)
TH 367 Intermediate Makeup Techniques (2)

4. Upper Division Electives and/or Theatre Production Participation (16 units)

Electives selected from any 300-, 400- or 500-level TH courses for which prerequisites have been met.

Students may also count the following production participation courses as electives: TH 361PTH 362PTH 363PTH 376TH 382A-CTH 384TH 390A-CTH 490A-C.

5. General Education (48 units)

Undergraduate students must complete 48 units of General Education as described in this Catalog, including 3 units of coursework meeting the Ethnic Studies (ES) graduation requirement.

Total Units in the Major: 55-56

General Education Units: 48

Additional Units: 16-17

Total Units Required for the B.A. Degree: 120


Department of Theatre
Chair: Dan Weingarten
Nordhoff Hall (NH) 110
(818) 677-3086

Program Learning Outcomes

Students receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills inherent to the varied and distinct processes of theatrical development and presentation.
  2. Apply essential knowledge and skills through participation in theatrical projects.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the relevant contexts in which theatre is created and presented.
  4. Formulate and articulate critical analyses and evaluations of theatrical works.
  5. Develop the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills essential to collaboration.

ADT/STAR Act Degree Road Maps

Students who have graduated with a verified Associate Degree for Transfer and have been admitted to a CSUN program that has been deemed similar will be able to complete the baccalaureate degree within 60 semester units. For additional information, see ADT/STAR Act Degree Road Maps.

Theatre/Design and Production Option - AA-T in Theatre Arts (2024-Present)

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