Course: URBS 408. Policy Making for Urban Planners (3)

Prerequisite: Upper division standing or instructor consent. The course will comprehensively address the complex arena of public policy in relation to city planning, land-use issues and urban policy. This will incorporate how a society based on pluralist democracy balances the demands of a range of interest groups, including planners, city bureaucracies, politicians, community groups, private-sector economic interests, the nonprofit sector, state and federal agencies and the general public. The focus will be on issues related to the built environment and the controversial nature of constant transformation of land uses in cities. In addition, the course will address the interrelationship between local government implementation strategies and federal urban program laws and regulations. The course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the linkages between urban social policy, distributional equity in local and federal programs, and environmental considerations within the arena of governmental decision making systems. Available for graduate credit.

Fall-2020 - Schedule of Classes

URBS 408

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