This is an archive of the 2016-2017 University Catalog.
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This is an archive of the 2016-2017 University Catalog.
To access the most recent version, please visit


Program: Business Administration, Graduate Certificate


Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (GCBA)

The GCBA program enables holders of bachelor’s or graduate degrees in fields other than business to prepare for career change or advancement in the area of business management. It is also an outstanding opportunity to experience Master of Business Administration (MBA)-level coursework without committing to an MBA program. For those who later decide to pursue an MBA, the CSUN GCBA curriculum provides excellent preparation for that degree. The GCBA program is offered by CSUN’s David Nazarian College of Business and Economics in collaboration with CSUN’s Tseng College of Extended Learning. For more information about the GCBA program, please visit the GCBA website.

About the Program’s Cohort Format

Participants proceed through the program in a cohort (group) format, which means that all successful applicants in a given term will begin their course of study at the same time and move together with their cohort through the designated course sequence. Since all participants in a cohort take the same classes in sequence, the knowledge gained in one course can be built upon in those that follow. Cohort participants share a familiar, supportive, ongoing learning community and also enjoy the opportunity of networking together as a cohesive group with common career goals and life experiences.

This program is administered through The Tseng College. It is entirely funded by student fees and is offered in the cohort format.

Program Requirements

The GCBA program is a cohort program. Students start the program and proceed through the course sequence together. Students who do not meet the TOEFL minimum requirements for the regular GCBA program can start an international GCBA program with intensive English preparation prior to the start of the regular GCBA cohort. The term in which students will start their course of intensive English study is dependent upon their TOEFL score. The GCBA includes the CSUN MBA foundation courses (15 units) and a capstone course (GBUS 593).

ACCT 501 MBA Financial Accounting (3)
BLAW 508 MBA Law in the Business Environment (3)
ECON 500 MBA Survey of Economics (3)
GBUS 502 Seminar in Managerial Finance/Accounting (3)
GBUS 593 Management/Marketing Seminar (3)
SOM 591 Statistics and Stochastic Models for Managers (3)

Total Units for the Certificate: 18


Director: Deborah Heisley

Assistant Director: Philipa Moguel

Juniper Hall (JH) 3109
(818) 677-2467