This is an archive of the 2016-2017 University Catalog.
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This is an archive of the 2016-2017 University Catalog.
To access the most recent version, please visit


About the Program

The Liberal Studies Program is an interdisciplinary major, which offers a degree program under the College of Humanities leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. The Liberal Studies major is designed to provide a broad undergraduate liberal arts education with a balance among the language arts, natural sciences and mathematics, visual and performing arts, humanities and social sciences.

Academic Advisement

General Procedures for Making an Appointment

Students must attend a workshop in the major in order to be able make an appointment to meet with an advisor. There are two different workshops: Teacher Preparation and the Interdisciplinary Studies Option (non-teaching option). The Teacher Preparation Option will inform students about the B.A. degree option and ITEP-Junior Option of Liberal Studies. Students interested in teaching multiple subjects (Kindergarten through 6th grade) or Special Education must complete this workshop. The Interdisciplinary Studies Option (non-teaching option) is designed for students interested in a broad liberal arts education.

Academic advisement is available by appointment Monday through Friday, including later hours on most Wednesday evenings.

Late Policy: Those who are five minutes late to their appointment will be asked to reschedule. To ensure that all students are served in a timely fashion, please be on time.

Pre-Credential, ITEP-Junior and Interdisciplinary Studies Option

It is strongly recommended that students seek academic advisement at least once per academic year. For students on academic probation, advisement is required to clear registration holds and to discuss a plan to guide the student back to good academic standing. Subsequent appointments are suggested to monitor the student’s academic progress.

Qualified First-Time Freshman Who Pursue the ITEP-Freshman Option

To enter the program, students should be ready to take college-level English and math. Students may demonstrate eligibility by either passing or earning an exemption from the Entry Level Math (ELM) exam and the English Placement (EPT) test. For eligibility into the program and first-time advisement, please contact Sima Sadafi, Interim Assistant Director of Liberal Studies, at (818) 677-3300.

First-Time Freshman Who Are Not Participating in the ITEP-Freshman Option

First-semester and second-semester freshman at CSUN who are declared Liberal Studies majors will be advised by the College of Humanities Student Services Center/EOP advisement office. Those wanting to change their major or declare Liberal Studies during their first two semesters should seek advisement in the College of Humanities, Student Services Center/EOP advisement office. Students may schedule an appointment in person by visiting Jerome Richfield (JR) 240 or by calling (818) 677-4784.

In the middle of the second semester, students will be directed to transition from the College of Humanities, Student Services Center/EOP advisement office to the Liberal Studies Program. Before scheduling an advisement appointment with Liberal Studies, students must complete one of the online student workshops.

Humanities, Russian and Sustainability Minors

Students interested in pursuing one of these minors are not required to complete an online workshop. To schedule an appointment, please call the Liberal Studies Program at (818) 677-3300. When scheduling an appointment, please identify as a student interested in declaring a minor.


The Liberal Studies Teacher Preparation Option programs are designed for students interested in teaching children in grades K-6 or special education students in grades K-12. Traditionally, elementary school teachers function in self-contained classrooms and teach a variety of subjects. The Liberal Studies major provides students with a broad undergraduate education to prepare them to teach “multiple subjects.”

The Interdisciplinary Studies Option is designed for students interested in a broad liberal arts education. Students take courses in the language arts, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. As part of this option, students are required to complete a specialization track. The Interdisciplinary Studies Option leads to a variety of career options. Students may pursue graduate education in fields such as law, public administration, social services, the arts and urban planning.

Liberal Studies students are eligible for most jobs in which a college degree is required. A Liberal Studies degree signifies to others that the student is a capable, well-rounded individual who can accomplish complex tasks and communicate well with others. The CSUN Career Center is available to explore many career options.

Literacy Scholars for the Future of Los Angeles (LSLA)

Literacy Scholars for the Future of Los Angeles (LSLA) is a 9-unit specialization in early literacy and language acquisition giving teacher candidates classroom and field experience in developing and implementing age-appropriate instructional materials, activities and lesson plans. Participants also gain direct experience engaging families in high-need districts in shared activities that promote lifelong literacy learning in children. Participation is by application only, with scholarship assistance made possible with generous support from the Mara W. Breech Foundation.


Director: Ranita Chatterjee
Education Administration (EA) 100
(818) 677-3300