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Program: Minor in Biology

Program Description

The minor in Biology allows students to explore various areas of biology.

Program Requirements

Take one course or sequence of courses from each category:

1. (8 or 10 units)

CHEM 101/L General Chemistry I and Lab (4/1)
and CHEM 102/L General Chemistry II and Lab (4/1)


CHEM 103 Introductory Chemistry I and Lab (4)
and CHEM 104 Introductory Chemistry II and Lab (4)

2. (8 units)

BIOL 106/L Biological Principles I and Lab (3/1)
and BIOL 107/L Biological Principles II and Lab (3/1)

3. (3 units)

BIOL 322 Evolutionary Biology (3)

4. (3 units)

BIOL 360 Genetics (3)

5. (4 units)

BIOL 215/L Introductory Microbiology and Lab (2/2)
BIOL 312/L/BIOL 392F Vertebrate Biology (2/1/1)
BIOL 313/L/BIOL 392B Invertebrate Zoology (2/1/1)
BIOL 315/L Principles of Microbiology and Lab (2/2)
BIOL 316/L Plant Biology and Lab (3/1)
BIOL 413/L/BIOL 492AA Entomology (2/1/1)

6. (3 units)

BIOL 241 Human Pregnancy and Embryology (3)
BIOL 281 Human Physiology (3)
BIOL 380 Cell Biology (3)

7. One or more upper division Biology courses, if needed, for a minimum total of 29 units, including at least 8 upper division units in Biology.

Total Units Required for the Minor: 29-31


Department of Biology
Chair: Tim Karels
Chaparral Hall (CR) 5101
(818) 677-3356