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Program: College Counseling and Student Services Certificate

Program Description

The Specialist Certificate program in College Counseling and Student Services is designed to prepare students for career opportunities and advancement in higher education with particular emphasis upon those positions that serve university and community college students on urban campuses. Special attention is given to working with diverse student populations, including returning, minority and disabled students. The College Counseling and Student Services program is designed for two types of students: (1) Those individuals who desire training for entry-level positions in student affairs. (2) Those who are already experienced professionals in student affairs and wish to increase their experience.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

As required by federal law, the Gainful Employment Disclosure is provided for the College Counseling and Student Services Certificate program.

Program Requirements

A. Fieldwork

There is a strong emphasis on the fieldwork component in the College Counseling and Student Services program. Students will have an opportunity to participate in several student affairs placements at both the community college and university levels. Placement opportunities include, but are not limited to, academic advising, athletics (development, club sports, intramural), campus religious organizations, career planning, clubs and organizations, cooperative education, Dean of Students (administration, discipline), educational equity, entertainment, EOP, ESL, financial aid, fraternities and sororities, disabled students, health services (administration, family planning), housing (administration, off-campus housing, residence halls), international programs, leadership training, Learning Resource Center, orientation, outreach and retention, student government, Student Union (food service, maintenance, operations, programming), veterans, volunteer organizations, Women’s Center.

B. Requirements of Admission to the Certificate Program

The Specialist Certificate in College Counseling and Student Services is a post-master’s program. Students applying for the Specialist Certificate should hold a master’s degree in Counseling (or the equivalent master’s degree). Students who hold master’s degrees in closely aligned fields other than counseling may be required to take courses beyond those outlined for the Specialist Certificate. Each candidate’s background and experience will be taken into consideration in determining requirements. Master’s degrees in Education or other areas do not fulfill this requirement.

C. Program Requirements and Suggested Course Sequence by Semester*

The following course requirements meet the requirements for the Certificate in College Counseling and Student Services (CCSS) for graduate students who have a master’s degree in Counseling or an equivalent master’s degree.

*All programs must be approved by the program coordinator. This listing is provided for information purposes only, is subject to change without notice and is not guaranteed to be correct. The student should consult the University Catalog and the program coordinator for further details and course descriptions.

Semester 1: Fall

EPC 622 American College Student and Campus Environment (3)
EPC 657A Seminar in Career Counseling Theory (3)

Semester 2: Spring

EPC 620 College Counseling and Student Services Profession (3)
EPC 643 Diversity in Counseling (3)

Semester 3: Summer

EPC 695S Introduction to Higher Ed (3)

Semester 4: Fall

EPC 659JC Fieldwork in College Counseling and Student Services (3)
EPC 601 Individual and Group Assessment (3)

Semester 5: Spring

EPC 659KC Fieldwork in College Counseling and Student Services (3)
EPC 695S Capstone (3)

Total Units for the Certificate: 27


Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling
Chair: Alberto Restori
Education (ED) 1218
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