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Program: Minor in Classics

Program Description

The Classics section offers courses in Greek and Latin languages, literatures and civilizations. The minor is designed for students who desire to become acquainted with the literature and culture of Ancient Greece and Rome, who need Latin as a necessary background for an understanding of the development of the Romance Languages or who plan to teach.

Students with advanced placement:

  1. Cannot receive credit for courses below the level at which they are enrolled.
  2. Must include additional courses approved by an advisor to complete the minor.

*Enrollment has been suspended for the 2018-19 academic year.

Program Requirements

1. Lower Division Required Courses (12 units)

CLAS 101L Elementary Latin I (3)
CLAS 102L Elementary Latin II (3)
CLAS 201L Intermediate Latin I (3)
CLAS 202L Intermediate Latin II (3)

2. Upper Division Required Courses (12 units)

CLAS 315 Greek and Roman Mythology (3)
FLIT 423 The Greek and Roman Epic in Translation (3)
FLIT 424 Drama of Greece and Rome (3)
FLIT 480 Greek and Roman Literature in Translation (3)

Note: Interviews with instructors designed to place lower division students at appropriate levels of language achievement are given before registration week.

Total Units in the Minor: 24


Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
Chair: Adrian Perez-Boluda
Sierra Tower (ST) 405
(818) 677-3467