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Early Start Program

The Early Start Program serves CSU admitted freshmen who have not demonstrated proficiency in written communication and/or mathematics/quantitative reasoning as determined by systemwide placement standards. Participation in the Early Start Program is required for students needing skills development in these areas; students will be expected to enroll in a written communication course or a mathematics/quantitative reasoning course (but not both) during the summer period prior to the start of the fall term. Students required to participate in the Early Start Program may choose to enroll at any CSU campus; the earned baccalaureate credit will be transferred seamlessly to the student’s destination campus.

The goals of the Early Start Program are to:

  • Better prepare students in written communication and mathematics/quantitative reasoning before the start of the
    fall semester of the freshman year.
  • Add an important and timely assessment tool in preparing students for college.
  • Improve the opportunity for students to successfully complete their college degrees.

For more information, see Early Start Program at CSUN.