This is an archive of the 2019-2020 University Catalog.
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This is an archive of the 2019-2020 University Catalog.
To access the most recent version, please visit


Course Types

Academic Internships

Many departments and programs offer special undergraduate courses in which students earn academic credit for formally supervised experience outside the traditional university classroom. Students work with faculty and internship hosts to plan, process and evaluate the learning resulting from internship/clinical practica. CSUN recognizes that laws and regulations reserve certain rights for external agencies that consider acceptance of a student into a paid or unpaid internship or practicum. If a student is not accepted into a placement because of these factors, a department or program may, but is not required to, suggest an alternate placement option or design an alternate experience to meet the curricular requirement. However, it is the student who has the responsibility, not CSUN, to demonstrate that all requisite requirements to achieve a successful placement are met.

All Academic Internship courses are governed by the Academic Internship Policy and are required to include (among other elements) a clear relationship to the academic discipline(s) offering the course; a screening or selection procedure for students wishing to enroll; a written learning agreement to formalize the internship experience; and facilitation of learning by the course instructor, including both writing assignments and seminars or other group meetings. Normally, a student may count no more than 6 units of Academic Internship course credit for their degree. See the Academic Internship Policy for full details.

Independent Study Courses

Enrollment in Independent Study (499, 599, 699 courses) is by permission of the department chair and consent of an instructor to act as a sponsor. Admission is based on evidence of ability to pursue independent study in depth and approval of a project submitted at the time of registration. Students who are on probation or who have not completed academic disqualification readmission requirements may not enroll in Independent Study courses. Regular progress meetings and reports are required before credit can be received. The maximum number of units of credit in Independent Study courses that can be counted toward the baccalaureate degree is 6 units in a major and 3 additional units outside the major. Enrollment in Independent Study is not allowed for the purpose of substitution for an existing course. Not available for General Education.

Individual Study Courses

Enrollment in Individual Study is by permission of the department chair and consent of an instructor to act as sponsor. Individual Study courses may be taken only in substitution for approved courses which are not available during the semester of enrollment. A maximum of 6 units of credit in Individual Study may be earned in a single department. Enrollment in Individual Study courses must be completed during the first three weeks of instruction. Not available for General Education.

Experimental Topics Courses

Every department is entitled to offer Experimental Topics courses under the numbers 196A-Z, 296A-Z, 396A-Z, 496A-Z, 595A-Z and 695A-Z. Not available for General Education.