This is an archive of the 2020-2021 University Catalog.
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This is an archive of the 2020-2021 University Catalog.
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About the Program

The fully online, cohorted¬†master’s program in Humanities is for college graduates of any age, area of expertise or stage in their careers who want to become more innovative as problem-solvers and leaders in their communities and workplaces.

The M.A. in Humanities program is an excellent choice for those who want to make their lives as meaningful as possible, while keeping their options for further exploration and professional development open. This program prepares students to succeed in multiple professional environments. The curriculum helps students develop a broader perspective as well as the ability to understand and communicate complex ideas.

Designed for working adults, the program features:

  • Flexibility: Students can continue working as they earn their master’s degrees.
  • Quality Instruction: All classes are taught by members of CSUN’s distinguished faculty.
  • One-on-One Assistance: Support services, including a dedicated support team and faculty advisor.
  • Cohort Format: Students move from course to course with the same professional peers.
  • Innovative, Interdisciplinary Courses: Courses such as The Sacred, Identity, Meaning and Culture, or Science and Magic take an interdisciplinary approach to the big questions humans have always asked.

The online nature of the program allows students to continue working as they take classes from the location they choose. Beyond professional preparation, the program helps students to understand themselves, along with the broader human experience: why humans think, feel or act as they do, and how it all connects to a larger historical tradition.

Academic Advisement

Please contact the academic director of the program, Sheena Malhotra for advisement.


The program equips students with critical-thinking skills and an M.A. degree, which can help them with professional advancement in their careers.

Program Faculty

All faculty teaching in the program are full-time faculty members at California State University, Northridge.


For information on undergraduate Humanities (HUM) courses and the Humanities Interdisciplinary Studies minor, please see Liberal Studies.


Master of Arts in Humanities
Academic Director: Sheena Malhotra
Jerome Richfield (JR) 340C
(818) 677-7217

Staff: Odette Arman
(818) 677-6648