This is an archive of the 2020-2021 University Catalog.
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This is an archive of the 2020-2021 University Catalog.
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Program: Minor in Engineering Management

Program Description

The Department of Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management (MSEM) offers an undergraduate minor in Engineering Management. The Engineering Management minor develops the skills in team building, interpersonal communications, decision making, project management, leadership and quality management that employers are increasingly looking for in both engineers and scientists, as well as in other employees in advanced technology organizations. For students who enjoy people and technology, the technical challenges of engineering and the opportunity to integrate higher-level organizational considerations into technological decision-making processes, engineering management is an ideal program of study.

This minor is intended primarily for students with majors in engineering and science, such as all of the Engineering programs, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Geology or Biology. Students with majors in other disciplines who may be interested in this minor should consult with an MSEM Department advisor to determine its appropriateness to their educational objectives.

Note: The minor cannot be taken by students who major in MSE in the MSEM Department. It can only be taken by students outside the MSEM Department.


The coursework for the minor in Engineering Management involves extensive writing assignments, oral presentations and group projects, and it is designed to develop the skills needed for rapid advancement in either industrial or government organizations. 18 credit hours of coursework is required to meet the requirements for the minor in Engineering Management. To complete the requirements for the minor in Engineering Management, students must take four required and two elective courses as shown below:

Required courses (Four courses, 12 units): MSE 362, MSE 401, MSE 402 and MSE 406.

Elective courses (Choose two courses, 6 units) from the following: MSE 407, MSE 504, MSE 505 or MSE 507.

Note: Students taking an undergraduate major in the MSEM Department are not allowed to take this minor.

Program Requirements

Applicants for the minor in Engineering Management must be juniors or seniors with a declared major and a minimum GPA of 2.0. The minor requires completion of 18 credit hours of coursework with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in the courses taken toward the minor.

1. Prerequisite Course

MSE 304 Engineering Economic Analysis (3)

2. Required Courses (12 units)

MSE 362 Engineering Statistical Applications (3)
MSE 401 Introduction to Engineering and Technology Management (3)
MSE 402 Engineering Project Management (3)
MSE 406 Engineering Cost Analysis (3)

3. Elective Courses (6 units)

MSE 407 Manufacturing Systems (3)
MSE 504 Engineering Management (3)
MSE 505 Engineering Decision/Risk Analysis (3)
MSE 507 Lean Manufacturing Systems (3)

Total Units in the Minor: 18


Department of Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management
Chair: Behzad Bavarian
Jacaranda Hall (JD) 4510
(818) 677-2167

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. The technical and managerial abilities to apply knowledge of engineering to the design, analysis and integration of effective management systems in contemporary technological environments;
  2. The intellectual breadth and lifelong intellectual curiosity required to practice management creatively, sensitively and responsibly in contemporary global and societal environments;
  3. The ability to communicate effectively and to function productively on multicultural and multidisciplinary teams; and
  4. The desire and ability to preserve the nobility of the technical profession in its dedication to the welfare of society by nurturing ethical and professional responsibilities.