This is an archive of the 2022-2023 University Catalog.
To access the most recent version, please visit

This is an archive of the 2022-2023 University Catalog.
To access the most recent version, please visit


Faculty and Administration | Emeriti


Abolghasem, Sepideh

(2022) Associate Professor of Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management. B.S. 2006, Sharif University of Technology; M.S. 2011, Ph.D. 2015, University of Pittsburgh.

Abrego, Bernardo

(2001) Professor of Mathematics. B.S. 1995, National University of Mexico; Ph.D. 2001, Rutgers University.

Abrishami, Doris

(2014) Associate Professor of Health Sciences. B.S. 1997, M.A. 2013, California State University, Northridge.

Abrol, Ravinder

(2016) Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry. B.S. 1994, University of Delhi; M.S. 1995, Indian Institute of Technology; Ph.D. 2003, California Institute of Technology.

Ackerman, David

(1998) Professor of Marketing. B.A. 1983, University of Chicago; M.B.A, 1987, University of Texas; Ph.D. 1999, University of Southern California.

Adams, Janet

(1991) Professor of Physical Therapy. B.S. 1976, University of Illinois; M.S. 1987, DPT 1996, University of Southern California.

Adhikari, Sanchayeeta

(2014) Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies. B.A. 1999, M.A. 2001, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi; Ph.D. 2011, University of Florida.

Adrias, Jonathan

(2022) Director of Development, David Nazarian College of Business and Economics. B.A. 2013, M.A. 2015, California State University, Northridge.

Ahmad, Rais

(2012) Associate Professor of Civil Engineering and Construction Management. B.S. 1995, M.S. 1999, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology; Ph.D. 2005, University of Arizona.

Ainsworth, Andrew

(2006) Professor of Psychology. B.A. 1999, M.A. 2002, California State University, Northridge; Ph.D. 2007, University of California, Los Angeles.

Al-Sharadqah, Ali A.

(2016) Associate Professor of Mathematics. B.S. 2001, M.Sc. 2004, Jordan University of Science and Technology; Ph.D. 2011, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Alam, Sahabul

(2021) Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. B.Sc. 2003, Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh; M.Sc. 2010, Ph.D. 2019, University of Quebec.

Alejo, Robert

(2019) Senior Associate Athletics Director, Performance and Student-Athlete Welfare. B.A. 1982, California State University, Chico.

Alekseenko, Alexander

(2003) Professor of Mathematics. B.S. 1993, M.S. 1995, Ph.D. 1999, Novosibirsk State University.

Alexander, Nick C.

(2008) Assistant Registrar. B.A. 2007, B.A. 2016, M.A. 2019, California State University, Northridge.

Alfano, Edward C.

(1989) Professor of Art. A.B. 1971, Shimer College; M.S. 1976, Northeastern University.

Alford-Keating, Patricia

(2017) Student Services Professional III, University Counseling Services. B.A. 1978, American Christian College; M.S. 1983, Northeastern Oklahoma State University; Ph.D. 1991, Oklahoma State University.

Allen, Larry G.

(1982) Professor of Biology. B.A. 1974, M.A. 1976, California State University, Fullerton; Ph.D. 1980, University of Southern California.

Allison, Brittany

(2022) Assistant Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences. B.S. 2009, Pepperdine University; Ph.D. 2018, University of California, Davis.

Alonzo, Daniel J.

(2018) Student Services Professional I, University Counseling Services. B.S. 1975, University of Texas at El Paso; M.A. 1978, Arizona State University; M.A. 1988, California State University, Northridge; Psy.D. 2008, Phillips Graduate School.

Alpaslan, Can M.

(2004) Professor of Management. B.S. 1992, Middle East Technical University; M.B.A. 1995, Bilkent University; Ph.D. 2004, University of Southern California.

Alroomi, Anwar S.

(2014) Associate Professor of Civil Engineering and Construction Management. B.A. 2003, M.A. 2006, Kuwait University; Ph.D. 2013, Oklahoma State University.

Alvarez, Linda

(2014) Associate Professor of Political Science. B.A. 2001, California State University, Northridge; M.A. 2005, California State University, Los Angeles; M.A. 2007, Ph.D. 2014, Claremont Graduate University.

Alviso, J. Ric

(2000) Professor of Music. B.A. 1982, California State University, Long Beach; M.A. 1993, Ph.D. 2002, University of California, Los Angeles.

Alvizo, Xóchitl

(2015) Associate Professor of Religious Studies. B.A. 2001, University of Southern California; M.Div. 2007, Ph.D. 2015, Boston University.

Alwan, Ahmed

(2015) Associate Librarian, Research, Instruction and Outreach Services. B.A. 2009, York University; M.I.S. 2012, University of Toronto; Ed.D. 2021, The University of Western Ontario.

Amarkhil, Qais

(2022) Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering and Construction Management. B.S. 2009, Kabul Polytechnic University; M.S. 2019, Ph.D. 2022, Purdue University.

Amer, Shareef M.

(2018) Associate Athletic Director, Administration and Operations. B.A. 2010, University of Michigan; J.D. 2013, University of Tennessee.

Amini, Ali

(1985) Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. B.S. 1974, M.S. 1976, San Jose State University; EEE 1977, M.S. 1978, Ph.D. 1982, University of Southern California.

An, Yountae

(2017) Associate Professor of Religious Studies. B.A. 2004, Presbyterian College; M.Div. 2008, San Francisco Theological Seminary; Ph.D. 2014, Drew University.

Andersen, Mads S.

(2014) Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry. M.S. 2002, University of Southern Denmark; Ph.D. 2006, University of Copenhagen.

Andrews, Scott D.

(2000) Professor of English. B.A. 1987, University of Oklahoma; M.A. 1993, Ph.D. 2000, University of California, Riverside.

Angulo-Barroso, Rosa M.

(2013) Professor of Kinesiology. B.S. 1985, University of Barcelona; M.S. 1990, Ph.D. 1997, Indiana University.

Appelrouth, Scott

(2000) Professor of Sociology. B.S. 1986, Virginia Commonwealth University; M.A. 1994, Ph D. 2000, New York University.

Aramali, Vartenie

(2022) Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering and Construction Management. B.S. 2011, Notre Dame University-Louaize; M.S. 2017, American University of Beirut; Ph.D. 2022, Arizona State University.

Arentoft, Alyssa

(2014) Associate Professor of Psychology. B.A. 2005, New York University; M.A. 2009, Ph.D. 2012, Fordham University; Postdoctoral 2014, University of California, Los Angeles.

Asef-Vaziri, Ardavan

(2003) Professor of Systems and Operations Management. B.S. 1974, Arya Mehr University of Technology; M.S. 1977, University of Southern California; Ph.D. 1997, University of Toronto.

Ash, Jessica T.

(2000) Director, Financial Operations and Support. B.A. 2000, California State University, Northridge.

Ashley, Wendy

(2008) Professor of Social Work. B.A. 1993, University of California, Riverside; M.S.W. 1995, University of Southern California; Psy.D. 2006, Ryokan College.

Ashton, Tamarah M.

(1998) Professor of Special Education. B.M. Ed. 1984, Western Michigan University; M.S. 1988, M.A. 1990, San Diego State University; Ph.D. 1997, Claremont Graduate University.

Aston, Christopher J.R.

(2003) Director, Student Development and Transitional Programs. B.A. 2002, M.A. 2004, California State University, Northridge.

Attias, Bernardo A.

(1994) Professor of Communication Studies. B.S. 1988, Northwestern University; Ph.D. 1997, University of Iowa.

Auerbach, Jeffrey A.

(2000) Professor of History. B.A. 1987, Oberlin College; M.A. 1995, Ph.D. 1995, Yale University.

Augustin, Frankline

(2011) Professor of Health Sciences. B.A. 1995, M.S. 2005, California State University, Northridge; D.P.P.D. 2010, University of Southern California.

Avila-Robison, Cecille A.

(1983) Director of Finance and Operations, Student Affairs. B.S. 1983, California State University, Northridge.

Ayala-Alcantar, Christina

(2001) Professor of Chicana/o Studies. B.A., B.S. 1990, University of Laverne; M.A. 1992, California State University, Los Angeles; Ph.D. 1998, Michigan State University.

Azouz, Magda

(2003) Director of Finance and Operations, College of Engineering and Computer Science. B.A. 1984, Concordia University.