The Advising Resource Center/EOP exists to provide extensive holistic services to Educational Opportunity Program students and Exploratory (formerly undecided or undeclared) students in their first two years of matriculation (0-59 units) at the University, or until they declare a major. We provide students with the opportunity to:


  • By providing advisement (from peer mentors and professional advisors) and advocacy for students to aid in successful matriculation during their academic career.
  • By providing personal support during each student’s transition to a college.
  • By providing appropriate referrals to students.
  • By promoting, guiding and supporting the overall academic, personal and career development of EOP and Exploratory (formerly undecided or undeclared) students.


  • By providing an array of holistic student support services in a caring environment.
  • By fostering community and mentoring experiences.
  • By helping students connect to appropriate programs/departments (major).
  • By providing students with ample opportunities for self-exploration through career development.


  • By creating opportunities for students to choose a major.


Director: Conchita Y. Battle, Ed.D.
Bayramian Hall (BH) 210
(818) 677-2108
Fax: (818) 677-7728