Faculty Development provides relevant and thought-provoking programming to support all faculty in their teaching, scholarship, service and leadership journeys. Programming and partnerships are informed by equity-mindedness, technology-enriched best practices and data-informed inquiry. The Faculty Development team seeks a supportive culture of shared power that engages with the well-being and success of both faculty and students.

The team, inclusive of faculty and instructional designers, develops and implements key programs for faculty, such as: New Faculty Foundations, eLearning programming (e.g., eLearning Institute, Get Up to Speed with Online Teaching, Online Teaching and Learning Series) and Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) on various topic (e.g., learning-centered syllabus, equity-minded teaching, transforming STEM teaching, new faculty). In addition, Faculty Development hosts keynote speakers, teaching and learning institutes, workshops (e.g., Active Learning Ambassadors), and writing productivity communities. Faculty Development also administers multiple internal grants and offers a Teaching Toolkit replete with self-paced, evidence-based teaching practices, including CSUN faculty best practices.


Faculty Development
Director: Whitney Scott
Associate Director: Marcy DeVeaux
Valera Hall (VH) 215
(818) 677-5934