The Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides CSUN’s diverse student population with free resources and opportunities to achieve academic success. The LRC offers in-person and online assistance through workshops, individual and small group collaboration, and Supplemental Instruction to support, supplement and enrich the University’s curriculum.

University Writing Center

University Writing Center consultants/tutors help students from first year through graduate school with academic, professional, and personal writing, such as essays, reports, research papers, business letters, resumes and more. They will work with students to develop effective strategies for critical reading, analytical thinking, time management, multimedia presentations, note-taking, and test-taking. The University Writing Center offers real-time, one-on-one appointments in person and online, and it holds academic skills workshops throughout the semester. Lastly, the center offers asynchronous feedback for graduate students working on capstone and thesis projects. An appointment is highly recommended for one-on-one appointments; walk-in/drop-in is available only when consultants are not booked or appointments cancel.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) for Approaches to University Writing

UNIV 060, UNIV 061/UNIV 062 is a corequisite course for students who are enrolled in all sections of 113A/B and some 115 sections of AAS, AFRS, CAS, CHS, ENGL, LING or QS. Students receive a maximum of 1 additional unit of non-baccalaureate credit per semester. SI sessions are led by advanced peers who have been successful in writing courses. SI sessions support students as they enrich their critical reading, expository writing and research skills, and are designed to supplement the main lecture course.

Science, Math and Related Topics (SMART) Lab

The SMART Lab offers online and in-person small-group tutoring for Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Physics, numerous Math courses, including algebra, calculus, math ideas and statistics, as well as many other subjects. Tutoring sessions are available by appointments or walk-in/drop-in.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (UNIV 060) is an academic-assistance program designed to help students master difficult course material in historically challenging classes. Led by students who have successfully completed the course, individuals in SI participate in a series of weekly peer-facilitated, small-group study sessions that focus on learning strategies, problem-solving skills and test reviews specific to the corresponding lecture course. Students enroll in UNIV 060 for 1 unit, CR/NC non-baccalaureate credit.


Learning Resource Center
Director: Rashawn Green
University Library (UL) 3rd Floor, East Wing
(818) 677-2033