CSUN is a member of the Ocean Studies Institute (OSI), which is composed of the eight CSU’s in Southern California. OSI is a major partner in the Southern California Marine Institute (SCMI), a consortium combining the marine resources of OSI and several other universities in Southern California. SCMI operates a small marine laboratory in Los Angeles Harbor and one coastal research vessel, the R/V Yellowfin. SCMI also has a substantial amount of gear and equipment and a fleet of smaller boats to support teaching and research. OSI offers a Marine Biology Semester for CSU students every Fall semester at the Wrigley Marine Science Center on Santa Catalina Island. OSI also runs an AAUS Scientific Research Diving Program for CSU faculty, staff and students. OSI/SCMI coordinates various educational and research activities for marine scientists and engineers. Science programs utilize these facilities, and individual students gain access to the Institute operations through courses and independent study.


Southern California Marine Institute
Director: Dr. Daniel J. Pondella II
(310) 519-3172

CSUN Science and Mathematics College Dean: Jerry Stinner
(818) 677-2005