Designed with a college student in mind, Student Housing promotes independent living in a supportive environment. The facilities, services and programs work together to encourage individual development, academic success and conscientious citizenship among future and current residents. Student Housing also provides the resources students need to foster respectful and responsible living within a diverse community.

Student Housing Amenities

  • Furnished apartments and suites
  • 24-hour staff support, including community directors, resident advisors and academic mentors
  • Recreational facilities, including a 24-hour community center, computer lab, coffee shop, basketball and volleyball courts, three swimming pools and multiple outdoor community areas
  • Multiple study areas
  • A learning center with tutoring services and access to computers, wireless printing and scanning
  • Cable TV, Internet and utilities (all included)
  • Programming and events
  • In-housing maintenance support
  • Easy walking or rolling to campus
  • Gated complexes
  • Key card security
  • Patrols by University Police

Available Living Options

The Suites at University Park are a unique living concept designed for first-year students. Each suite is a furnished, comfortable two-person bedroom with a semiprivate bath. Every group of 16 suites has its own large, furnished living room, a study lounge and laundry room. Studies have shown that first-year students living in the Suites have an easier time adjusting to college life and do better academically.

The Apartments at University Park feature furnished two-bedroom apartments complete with living and dining areas, kitchen or pantry, bathroom and private balcony. The Apartments at University Park are excellent choices for first-year or returning students.

The University Village Apartments provide housing for students with dependent children and/or a spouse. Located in a parklike setting at the north end of campus, these unfurnished one- and two-bedroom apartments offer convenience, comfort and peace of mind.

Residential Life Program

CSUN is home to an extensive residential life program, coordinated by a professional staff that promotes the academic, personal and social growth of resident students through the implementation of academically driven programs and activities.

Academic Success Lives Here

Student Housing provides the academic resources necessary to supporting students in and out of the classroom. This includes a tutoring center that offers one-on-one support in challenging courses, access to computer labs, printing stations and laptop rentals. Additionally, Student Housing runs an Academic Mentors Program where residents serve as peer support for students who may need guidance building academic confidence and asking for help.

Learning Communities

Currently, Student Housing is home to multiple Learning Communities, including Living Learning Communities (LLCs) and Themed Living Communities (TLCs). Residents living in the LLCs are drawn from a specific recognized major, academic program or college on campus. Residents living in the TLCs are not necessarily drawn from a specific recognized major, but rather are students who unite around a special theme. Each community offers its own scheduled events, academic support and social activities. In this highly collaborative structure, residents drive their communities, set priorities, plan activities and identify opportunities to improve academic and personal growth.

Residence Halls Association (RHA) and Park Councils

The goal of the Residence Halls Association (RHA) is to promote a healthy academic and social environment while serving as the student voice in the community. Housing residents develop their leadership and personal skills through involvement in large-scale event planning and community advocacy. Additionally, the organization provides students with the opportunity to participate in residence hall governance and leadership retreats for personal growth.

Meal Plans

A variety of meal plan options are available through CSUN Dining. Students who choose or are assigned to an apartment without a kitchen are required to purchase a meal plan. Any student living in an apartment with a kitchen is welcome to purchase a meal plan, but it is not required.


Arrange for a tour of living facilities by contacting Student Housing at (818) 677-2160 or by emailing

The Student Housing Application is available on the website.


Student Housing and Residential Life
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