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PSY 697ABA. Directed Comprehensive Studies/Exams (3)

Prerequisites: Graduate standing in Psychology; Instructor consent. This course is the culminating experience in the Master of Science program in Applied Behavior Analysis. Directed Comprehensive Studies includes two parts:…

GBUS 697G. Comprehensive Exam (3)

course requirements and have only their comprehensive exam to take. A culminating experience is required for completion of a master’s degree program. In cases where a student has significant consulting…

MUS 697. Comprehensive Examination (3)

Prerequisite: Permission of Music Industry Studies option coordinator. Comprehensive examination of the subject matter covered in the student’s graduate program. Examination will allow students to demonstrate their ability to…

HUMA 696B. Directed Comprehensive Studies (1)

Prerequisites: Graduate standing; Admission to candidacy. HUMA 696B prepares students to write their final comprehensive exams as well as to meet the writing requirements of the program. The comprehensive

SOC 697. Directed Comprehensive Studies (4)

Prerequisites: SOC 601, SOC 670, SOC 685, SOC 690. Limited to students preparing to take the comprehensive examination for the M.A. degree in Sociology. (Credit/No Credit only)…

ATHS 697. Directed Comprehensive Studies (3)

completion of written comprehensive case studies to fulfill the culminating experience requirement for the Master of Science in Assistive Technology and Human Services degree. Culminating Experience (Credit/No Credit Only)…

SPAN 697. Directed Comprehensive Studies (3)

Required for comprehensive examinations. Taken in final semester. Conducted in Spanish.

FCS 697C. Directed Comprehensive Studies (3)

Prerequisites: Graduate standing; Classified status. For students who have completed all course requirements (30 units) for the master’s degree and for those graduate students electing to take comprehensive examinations….

LING 697. Directed Comprehensive Studies (3)

Prerequisite: Consent of Linguistics/TESL department chair. Enrollment required in the semester that the comprehensive examination is taken….

PSY 697C. Directed Comprehensive Studies (3)

Directed Comprehensive Studies