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Educational Therapy, M.A.

The Master of Arts degree in Educational Therapy is an online program designed to prepare individuals to become Educational Therapy practitioners who are specifically trained to combine educational and…

Department: Journalism

The Department of Journalism strives to prepare its students to become well-educated, principled citizens, who are capable of initiating careers as skilled journalists, public relations practitioners and other related communication professionals. Vision Statements Students Learn to be excellent writers and communicators who tell factual stories in a variety of forms and platforms for a diverse public and …

Program: Business Administration, Graduate Level

CSUN’s Nazarian MBA Program produces innovative leaders who apply knowledge and create strategies to manage dynamic environments, contributing sustainable value to their organization, industry and community. Faculty expertise and student experience coalesce, integrating theory and experiential learning to benefit career networks and trajectories.

Electrical Engineering, M.S.

The Master of Science in Electrical Engineering consists of 30 units and either a thesis or project.

MATH 140. Introductory Statistics (4)

Correlation and regression. Sampling distributions and probability. Statistical inference for means and proportions. Hybrid (part online) or fully online sections only. (Cross-listed with MATH 140BUS, MATH 140SCI, and MATH 141/L.)…

MKT 459. Social Media Marketing (3)

…platforms for professional purposes. Students will learn how to use a variety of tools on the Internet to conduct research, develop online marketing campaigns and increase the competitive advantage of…

Department: Communication Disorders and Sciences

The Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences has a three-dimensional mission incorporating teaching, research and service for the advancement of human potential in language, speech, voice, swallowing, hearing and balance. As part of a comprehensive university system dedicated to undergraduate and graduate instruction, teaching is always regarded as the first priority.

Department: Child and Adolescent Development

The Department of Child and Adolescent Development is dedicated to promoting and advocating for the well-being of children, adolescents and families through the pursuits of teaching, research, service, reflective practice and community engagement. Our mission is threefold: (a) to prepare undergraduate students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be highly effective professionals working with diverse …

Admission Procedures and Policies

Requirements for admission to CSUN are in accordance with Title 5, Chapter 1, Subchapter 3, of the California Code of Regulations. Complete information is available on the California State University…