Impacted Programs

The CSU designates programs as impacted when more applications from regularly eligible applicants are received in the initial filing period (October and November for fall terms, June for winter terms, August for spring terms, February for summer terms) than can be accommodated. Some programs are impacted at every university which they are offered; others are impacted only at a few universities.

Candidates for admission must meet all of the university’s specified supplementary admission criteria if applying to an impacted program or university.

The CSU will announce during the fall filing period those CSUs or programs that are impacted. Detailed information on university and program impaction is available on the Impaction at the CSU website.

Each university will communicate supplementary admission criteria for all impacted programs to high schools and community colleges in their application service area and will disseminate this information to the public through appropriate media. This information will also be published on the CSUN Impaction website.

Applicants must file applications for admission to an impacted program during the initial filing period. Applicants who want to be considered for impacted programs at more than one CSU should file an application at each university for which they seek admission consideration.

Supplementary Admission Criteria

Each university with impacted programs or class-level admission categories uses supplementary admission criteria in screening applicants. Supplementary criteria may include rank-ordering of freshman applicants based on the combination of student’s “a-g” GPA and supplemental factors or rank-ordering of transfer applicants based on verification of the Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) or Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) degrees, the overall transfer grade point average (GPA), completion of specified prerequisite courses and a combination of campus-developed criteria. Applicants for freshman admission to impacted universities or programs may need to have a higher “a-g” GPA. In no case will standardized test scores be utilized in making freshman admission decisions.

The supplementary admission criteria used by individual CSUs to screen applicants are made available by the universities to all applicants seeking admission to an impacted program.