Open University at CSUN Through The Tseng College

Open University is a registration status that allows non-matriculated students (i.e., those who have not been admitted to a state- or self-supported CSUN degree program) to enroll in undergraduate and graduate courses on the CSUN campus on a space-available basis with the permission of the instructor. Open University registration is through CSUN’s Tseng College. The following Open University policies and procedures apply for Open University in the Fall, Spring and Summer terms:

  1. Each academic department will decide whether to participate in Open University enrollment and which courses are appropriate for Open University enrollment. This is done by permitting Open University students to enroll in classes only when instruction begins (during late registration) and only with the instructor’s permission. Before that and during earlier nonrestrictive (open) registration, a note displays in Class Search and on the SOLAR registration database indicating that Open University enrollment is not available.
  2. Even when a department has approved a course for Open University enrollment in a given term, an individual instructor retains the right to decline an Open University enrollment request. Instructors indicate their acceptance of Open University students by giving each student a permission number that will enable the student to register online or in person with The Tseng College Registration Office.
  3. Open University enrollment normally will not be accepted in a class that has reached the maximum enrollment.
  4. Students seeking Open University enrollment in classes with prerequisites are responsible for furnishing the instructors with evidence of having met the academic requirements for the course. The instructor will determine whether a student is academically qualified before issuing a permission number.
  5. Prospective Open University students need to obtain permission to attend the course of their choice from the instructor. This is done by attending the first class meeting and requesting a permission number, which then can be used to enroll during the second week of the semester after the wait listing process concludes.
  6. In general, Open University students will not constitute more than 50 percent of the scheduled maximum enrollment for the course.
  7. Open University students enrolled in CSUN courses receive the same academic credit as other students in the course. The grade earned for the course becomes part of the Open University student’s long-term academic record at CSUN and appears on the regular University transcript.
  8. Nonmatriculated students may take any number of courses over time through Open University. However, if a non-matriculated student is later admitted to a CSUN state-funded or self-support degree program (i.e., becomes a matriculated student), a maximum of only 24 credit units taken before matriculation can be applied to an undergraduate degree and a maximum of 9 credit units taken before matriculation can be applied to a second baccalaureate degree, graduate degree, graduate credit certificate program or credential program.
  9. Determination of which courses, if any, of those taken before matriculation are applicable to the degree program up to the maximums stated above rests with the department responsible for the program. Some degree programs with highly integrated curricula may not accept any credits from courses taken prior to admission because the program stands as an educational whole.
  10. Enrollment in CSUN courses through Open University does not constitute admission to the University nor does it entitle Open University students to student services available to matriculated students (i.e., students enrolled in Degree, Credit Certificate Program or Credential Program). Open University students do, however, have library privileges. For more information about Open University, including fee information, visit The Tseng College–Open University website or call (818) 677-2504.