Procedure for the Establishment or Abolishment of Campus-Based Mandatory Fees

The law governing the California State University provides that specific campus fees defined as mandatory, such as a student association fee and a student center fee, may be established. A student association fee must be established upon a favorable vote of two-thirds of the students voting in an election held for this purpose (Education Code, Section 89300). The campus president may adjust the student association fee only after the fee adjustment has been approved by a majority of students voting in a referendum established for that purpose. The required fee shall be subject to referendum at any time upon the presentation of a petition to the campus president containing the signatures of 10 percent of the regularly enrolled students at the university. Student association fees support a variety of cultural and recreational programs, childcare centers, and special student support programs. A student center fee may be established only after a fee referendum is held which approves by a two-thirds favorable vote the establishment of the fee (Education Code, Section 89304). Once bonds are issued, authority to set and adjust student center fees is governed by provisions of the State University Revenue Bond Act of 1947, including, but not limited to, Education Code sections 90012, 90027, and 90068. A student success fee may be established or adjusted only after the campus undertakes a rigorous consultation process and a fee referendum is held with a simple majority favorable vote (Education Code, Section 89712). The student success fee may be rescinded by a majority vote of the students only after six years have elapsed following the vote to implement the fee.

The process to establish and adjust other campus-based mandatory fees requires consideration by the campus fee advisory committee and a consultation or student referendum process as established by California State University Student Fee Policy, Section III or any successor policy. Campus presidents may use consultation mechanisms if they determine that a referendum is not the best mechanism to achieve appropriate and meaningful consultation, and referendum is not required by the Education Code or Student Success Fee policy. Results of the referendum and the fee committee review are advisory to the campus president. The president may adjust campus-based mandatory fees but must request the chancellor to establish a new mandatory fee. The president shall provide to the campus fee advisory committee a report of all campus-based mandatory fees. The campus shall report annually to the chancellor a complete inventory of all campus-based mandatory fees.

The Student Body Fee was established at CSUN by student referendum. For more information or questions, contact the System Budget Office in the CSU Chancellor’s Office at (562) 951-4560.