Student Responsibility for Catalog Information

The Catalog represents the intention of the University at the time of its publication to present certain academic programs and requirements to its students. With the passing of time, modifications may be made—the addition of some offerings and the deletion of others—in which case some opportunities for students may be eliminated or other opportunities may be presented. The University reserves the right to make such additions, deletions and modifications as circumstances may dictate. Some sections of the current Catalog, such as Registration and Student Conduct Code, pertain to all students, irrespective of when they entered the University. Some sections pertain only to certain categories of students, such as Credit/No Credit grading (for undergraduate rather than graduate students) and good standing (with different averages applying for undergraduate and graduate students). In cases of doubt, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain clarification from the appropriate department chair or dean as to whether or not a particular regulation or requirement applies.