Transfer Success Pathway

Dual Admission to the California State University

Transfer Success Pathway is a program that provides a dual admission opportunity for eligible* first-time, first-year students enrolling in California Community Colleges who commit to transferring to a California State University (CSU) within three years. The program is designed to increase access to the CSU for students who have faced academic, financial or personal hardships that previously prevented them from attending the CSU to earn their degree.

Starting with the California high school class of 2023 and beyond, eligible students can participate in Transfer Success Pathway and create an account at CSU Transfer Planner to:

  • Explore CSU campuses and degree programs.
  • Determine their eligibility for the Transfer Success Pathway program.
  • Plan their coursework and track progress toward transferring to the CSU in good time.
  • Receive personalized support from CSU pre-admissions counselors and academic advisors to create an educational plan that will help them transfer within three years.
  • Enter into a guaranteed admission agreement with one of the 23 CSUs.

As part of the agreement, students must complete either an Associate Degree for Transfer or an established course of transfer at a California community college.

Transfer Success Pathway is guided by the Governor’s Council for Post-Secondary Education Recovery with Equity report and the Postsecondary Education Trailer Bill (AB 132) to help improve students’ transfer experience while addressing potential equity issues resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, academic preparation obstacles and other challenges facing high school students.

*For program eligibility, updates and resources, visit CSU Transfer Success Pathway. Questions about the Transfer Success Pathway at CSUN may be emailed to