Policies and Procedures by Tag: Appeal

Appeal of Admission Decision

Section 89030.7 of the California Education Code requires that the CSU establishes specific requirements for appeal procedures for a denial of admission. Each CSU must publish appeal procedures for applicants denied admission to the university. The procedure is limited to addressing university decisions to deny an applicant admission to the university. Admission appeal procedures must …

Hardship Petitions

The University has established procedures for consideration of qualified applicants who would be faced with extreme hardship if not admitted. Petitioners should write CSUN’s Office of Admissions following the guidelines at Admission Appeals regarding specific policies governing hardship admission.

Undergraduate Applicants, Other

Other Undergraduate Applicants Applicants not admissible under the established provisions should enroll in a community college or other appropriate institution. Only under the most unusual circumstances will such applicants be permitted to enroll at CSUN. Permission is granted only by special action.