Chemistry, B.A. (2016-2017 Archive)

Notice: The General Education requirements prescribed on this Road Map are based on the Plan R Required Pattern of Courses (GE catalog years 2006-2018). See General Education Plan R for more information.

YEAR 1: 1st Semester

Course Units
CHEM 101/L (General Chemistry with Lab) 5
MATH 150A or MATH 255A (also meets GE Basic Skills: Mathematics) 3
GE Basic Skills: Written Communication 3
GE Arts and Humanities 3
Total 14

YEAR 1: 2nd Semester

Course Units
CHEM 102/L (General Chemistry with Lab) 5
MATH 150B or MATH 255B 3
GE Basic Skills: Critical Thinking 3
Title 5 Requirement 3
Total 14

YEAR 2: 1st Semester

Course Units
PHYS 220A and PHYS 220AL (Mechanics with Lab) 4
CHEM 333/L and CHEM 333R (Organic Chemistry I, Lab and Recitation) 5
GE Basic Skills: Oral Communication 3
GE Comparative Cultures 3
PHYS 220AR Recitation 1
Total 16

YEAR 2: 2nd Semester

Course Units
PHYS 220B and PHYS 220BL (Electricity and Magnetism with Lab) 4
CHEM 334/L and CHEM 334R (Organic Chemistry II, Lab and Recitation) 5
GE Social Sciences 3
GE Lifelong Learning 3
PHYS 220BR Recitation 1
Take the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (UDWPE)
Total 16

YEAR 3: 1st Semester

Course Units
CHEM 321/L (Chemical Analysis I with Lab) (Fall only) 4
CHEM 351 and CHEM 351L (Physical Chemistry I with Lab) (Fall only) 5
Title 5 Requirement 3
Elective 3
Total 15

YEAR 3: 2nd Semester

Course Units
CHEM 401 (Inorganic Chemistry) (Spring only) 3
CHEM 422/L (Chemical Analysis II with Lab) (Spring only) 4
Chemistry Elective 3
GE Upper Division Arts and Humanities 3
Elective 2
Total 15

YEAR 4: 1st Semester

Course Units
Chemistry Elective 4
GE Upper Division Social Sciences 3
Electives 8
Total 15

YEAR 4: 2nd Semester

Course Units
CHEM 495 or CHEM 499 (Research or Independent Study) 1
GE Upper Division Comparative Cultures (select course to meet IC part 2) 3
Electives 11
Total 15