Chemistry, B.S. (2017-2018 Archive)

Notice: The General Education requirements prescribed on this Road Map are based on the Plan R Required Pattern of Courses (GE catalog years 2006-2018). See Catalog Archives for more information.

Degree Roadmaps are based on successful completion of prerequisites or placement into major required (or major specific) chemistry and math courses. Please meet with an advisor to develop a custom Degree Roadmap if additional courses are required prior to the major courses.

YEAR 1: 1st Semester

Course Units
CHEM 101/L (General Chemistry I with Lab) 5
MATH 150A (Math Analysis I) 5
GE Basic Skills: Written Communication 3
GE Arts and Humanities 3
Total 16

YEAR 1: 2nd Semester

Course Units
CHEM 102/L (General Chemistry II with Lab) 5
MATH 150B (Math Analysis II) 5
PHYS 225 and PHYS 220AL (Mechanics with Lab) 5
Total 15

YEAR 2: 1st Semester

Course Units
MATH 250 (Math Analysis III) 3
PHYS 226 and PHYS 220BL (Electricity & Magnetism with Lab) 5
CHEM 321/L (Chemical Analysis I with Lab) (Fall only) 4
GE Comparative Cultures 3
Total 15

YEAR 2: 2nd Semester

Course Units
MATH 280 (Applied Differential Equations) 3
CHEM 422/L (Chemical Analysis II with Lab) (Spring only) 4
GE Basic Skills: Critical Thinking 4
GE Basic Skills: Oral Communication 3
Take the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (UDWPE)
Total 14

YEAR 3: 1st Semester

Course Units
CHEM 333/L and CHEM 333R (Organic Chemistry I with Lab and Recitation) 5
CHEM 351 and CHEM 351L (Physical Chemistry I with Lab) (Fall Only) 5
GE Natural Science with lab requirement) 4
GE Comparative Cultures 3
Total 17

YEAR 3: 2nd Semester

Course Units
CHEM 334/L and CHEM 334R (Organic Chemistry II with Lab and Recitation 5
CHEM 352 and CHEM 352L (Physical Chemistry II with Lab) (Spring Only) 5
GE Upper Division Lifelong Learning 3
GE Social Sciences 3
Total 16

YEAR 4: 1st Semester

Course Units
CHEM 464 and CHEM 464L (Principles of Biochemistry with Lab) 4
CHEM 411 (Synthesis) (Fall only) 3
CHEM 495 or CHEM 499 (Research or Independent Study) 1
Title 5 American History Institutions and Ideals 3
GE Upper Division Social Sciences (select course to meet IC part 2 requirement) 3
Total 14

YEAR 4: 2nd Semester

Course Units
CHEM 401 and CHEM 401L (Inorganic Chemistry with Lab) 4
Chemistry Upper Division Elective (400 or 500 level) 3
GE Upper Division Arts and Humanities 3
Title 5 US Constitution and California State and Local Government 3
Total 13