Kinesiology, B.S. (2018-2019 Archive)
Applied Fitness and Active Lifestyle Development Option

Notice: The General Education requirements prescribed on this Road Map are based on the Plan R Required Pattern of Courses (GE catalog years 2006-2018). See Catalog Archives for more information.

YEAR 1: 1st Semester

Course Units
GE Basic Skills: Written Communication (also completes GE Basic Skills: Information Competence and Lower Division Writing Requirements) 3
GE Basic Skills: Critical Thinking 3
BIOL 101/L (also counts in GE Natural Science with lab) 4
KIN 200 3
Elective 3
Total 16

YEAR 1: 2nd Semester

Course Units
GE Basic Skills: Oral Communication 3
GE Comparative Cultural Studies 3
BIOL 211 2
BIOL 212 1
One course from Dance: KIN 137A, KIN 139A, KIN 139B, KIN 141A, KIN 141B, KIN 142A, KIN 142B, KIN 143A, KIN 144A 1
MATH 140 (also meets GE Basic Skills: Mathematics) 4
Total 14

YEAR 2: 1st Semester

Course Units
GE Natural Sciences (with Lab requirement) 4
BIOL 281 3
Title 5 American History Institutions and Ideals 3
Title 5 US Constitution and California State and Local Government 3
One course from Fitness: KIN 125A, KIN 126A, KIN 128, KIN 129A, KIN 135A, KIN 136A, KIN 147, KIN 148, KIN 149, KIN 177A, KIN 178A, KIN 179A 1
Total 14

YEAR 2: 2nd Semester

Course Units
PSY 150 (also counts in GE Social Science) 3
KIN 300 3
KIN 306 (also counts in lower division GE Social Science) 3
One course from Sport: KIN 122A, KIN 124A, KIN 130A, KIN 131A, KIN 132A, KIN 133A, KIN 134, KIN 152A, KIN 155A, KIN 164A, KIN 172, KIN 185A, KIN 185B, KIN 191A, KIN 195A 1
GE Arts and Humanities 3
Elective 3
Take the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (UDWPE)
Total 16

YEAR 3: 1st Semester

Course Units
KIN 305 4
Applied Fitness Elective 3
KIN 345/L 4
GE Upper Division Arts and Humanities 3
Total 14

YEAR 3: 2nd Semester

Course Units
KIN 377 3
KIN 346/L 4
PSY 352 (also counts for Upper Division GE Social Science and IC part 2 requirement) 3
FCS 207 or HSCI 337 (also counts for GE Lifelong Learning/HSCI 337 will also meet GE Upper Division Lifelong Learning) 3
Applied Fitness Elective 3
Total 16

YEAR 4: 1st Semester

Course Units
KIN 446/L 3
KIN 337/L 4
KIN 436 or KIN 456 (Applied Fitness Upper Division Area B Elective) 3
KIN 336/L 3
GE Upper Division Comparative Cultural Studies 3
Total 16

YEAR 4: 2nd Semester

Course Units
KIN 477 3
KIN 478 2
KIN 417/L 3
Electives 6
Total 14