This 4-Year Degree Road Map applies to the following catalog year(s):

YEAR 1: 1st Semester

Course Units
Any 100-level GEOL course and any 100-level GEOL lab 3/1
MATH 150A (meets GE Basic Skills: B4 Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning) 5
GE Basic Skills: A2 Written Communication 3
GE Basic Skills: A3 Critical Thinking 3
Total 15

YEAR 1: 2nd Semester

Course Units
CHEM 101 and CHEM 101D and CHEM 101L (meets GE B1 Physical Science & GE B3 Science Laboratory Activity) 3/1/1
MATH 150B 5
PHYS 225 4
PHYS 220AL 1
Total 15

YEAR 2: 1st Semester

Course Units
GEOL 306/L 3/1
GEOL 314/L (meets GE B5 Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning) 3/1
MATH 250 3
PHYS 226 4
PHYS 220BL 1
Total 16

YEAR 2: 2nd Semester

Course Units
GEOL 303 2
GEOL 309/L 3/1
GEOL 313 2
PHYS 227 and PHYS 227L 4/1
GE Basic Skills: A1 Oral Communication 3
Total 16

YEAR 3: 1st Semester

Course Units
COMP 110/L (meets GE E Lifelong Learning) 3/1
GEOL 464/L 3/1
MATH 280 3
GE C1 Arts 3
Total 14

YEAR 3: 2nd Semester

Course Units
Geophysics Elective* 3-4
GE C2 Humanities 3
GE C3 American History Institutions and Ideals 3
GE D1 Social Sciences 3
GE F Comparative Cultural Studies 3
Total 15-16

YEAR 4: 1st Semester

Course Units
GEOL 490 3
Geophysics Elective* 3-4
GE Upper Division Section D1 Social Sciences 3
GE D3 and D4 Constitution of the United States and State and Local Government 3
Elective 3
Total 15-16

YEAR 4: 2nd Semester

Course Units
GE B2 Life Science 3
GE Upper Division Section F Comparative Cultural Studies 3
Electives 8
Total 14

One course for the degree must have an Ethnic Studies/ES designation.

*Two additional upper division GEOL courses related to Geophysics or upper division courses in MATH or PHYS with approval of academic advisor. GEOL 300 and 301 cannot be used for major credit.