Business Administration, B.S. (2017-2018 Archive)
Systems and Operations Management Option

Notice: The General Education requirements prescribed on this Road Map are based on the Plan R Required Pattern of Courses (GE catalog years 2006-2018). See Catalog Archives for more information.

All lower division GE completed. Lower division major requirements of Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics completed as part of the AS-T in Business Administration.

Transfer Year 1: First Semester

Course Units
BLAW 280 (if not completed prior to transfer) 3
MATH 103* (if not completed prior to transfer) and MATH 103L** 3-4
SOM 120 or MATH 140* (if not completed prior to transfer) 3-4
ENGL 205* (if not completed prior to transfer) 3
COMP 100* (if not completed prior to transfer) 3
Total 12-14

Transfer Year 1: Second Semester

Course Units
BUS 302 and BUS 302L 3/1
FIN 303 3
MGT 360 3
MKT 304 3
SOM 306 3
Total 16

Transfer Year 2: First Semester

Course Units
IS 312 3
SOM 307 3
SOM 464 3
SOM 467 3
PHIL 305 – counts as GE Upper Division and Communication Course 3
Total 15

Transfer Year 2: Second Semester

Course Units
SOM 485 3
BUS 497A or BUS 497B 3
SOM Option Elective (One course from: SCM 447, SOM 416, SOM 466, SOM 468, SOM 498), ECON 310counts as GE Upper Division and SOM Option Elective*** 3/3
GE Upper Division**** 3
Electives 0-2
Total 15-17
Total units after transfer 60

*By nature of the choices for the AS-T in Business Administration, students will have completed at least one of these requirements prior to transfer, reducing the maximum total required in the first semester to 12-14 units.

**In order to enroll in MATH 103 transfer students must take a corequisite of MATH 103L or score a minimum of 16 on the Algebra section of the Mathematics Placement Test.

***ECON 310 will count as both an Upper Division GE course and one of the two SOM Electives required. Students who have completed two (or more) of the “Transfer Year 1: First Semester” lower division courses will not need ECON 310 to double count for Upper Division GE. However, all students must satisfy minimum 9 units of Upper Division GE for the degree.

****If needed, select UDGE courses that also satisfy: (1) IC: Information Competence, (2) GE Comparative Cultural Studies, and/or (3) Title 5 requirements in American History and/or US/State/Local Government.