Business Administration, B.S. (2018-2019 Archive)
Real Estate Option

Notice: The General Education requirements prescribed on this Road Map are based on the Plan R Required Pattern of Courses (GE catalog years 2006-2018). See Catalog Archives for more information.

All lower division GE completed. Lower division major requirements of Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Business Law completed as part of the AS-T in Business Administration.

Transfer Year 1: First Semester

Course Units
MATH 103* (if not completed prior to transfer) and MATH 103L** 3-4
SOM 120 or MATH 140* (if not completed prior to transfer) 3-4
ENGL 205* (if not completed prior to transfer) 3
IS 212* (if not completed prior to transfer) 3
GE Upper Division*** 3
Total 12-14

Transfer Year 1: Second Semester

Course Units
BUS 302 and BUS 302L 3/1
FIN 303 3
MGT 360 3
MKT 304 3
SOM 306 3
Total 16

Transfer Year 2: First Semester

Course Units
BLAW 308 3
BLAW 368 (counts as GE Upper Division***) or BLAW 453 3
BLAW 412 3
BLAW 414 3
BLAW 418 3
Total 15

Transfer Year 2: Second Semester

Course Units
BLAW 416 3
BLAW 481 3
BUS 497A or BUS 497B 3
FIN 433 3
GE Upper Division*** 3
Electives 0-2
Total 15-17
Total units after transfer 60

*By nature of the choices for the AS-T in Business Administration, students will have completed at least one of these requirements prior to transfer, reducing the maximum total required in the first semester to 12-14 units.

**In order to enroll in MATH 103 transfer students must take a corequisite of MATH 103L or score a minimum of 16 on the Algebra section of the Mathematics Placement Test.

***If needed, select GE Upper Division courses that also satisfy: (1) IC: Information Competence, (2) GE Comparative Cultural Studies, and/or (3) Title 5 requirements in American History and/or US/State/Local Government. In order to ensure no more than 60 units after transfer students may choose BLAW 368 to double count as GE Upper Division and in the Real Estate major to satisfy minimum 9 units of upper-division General Education.