Kinesiology, B.S. (2020-2021 Archive)
Dance Option

All lower division GE completed. Lower-division major requirements of Introduction to Kinesiology, General Biology with Lab, Human Anatomy with Lab, Human Physiology, and Movement Forms are considered complete as part of the AA-T in Kinesiology.

Transfer Year 1: First Semester

Course Units
MATH 140 (if not completed prior to transfer) 4
KIN 300 3
KIN 306 (satisfies GE D1*) 3
Dance Elective Requirements** 4
Total 14

Transfer Year 1: Second Semester

Course Units
KIN 305 4
KIN 345/L (satisfies GE B5*) 3/1
Dance Elective Requirements** 6
Total 14

Transfer Year 2: First Semester

Course Units
KIN 346/L 3/1
KIN 377 3
Dance Elective Requirements** 6
Electives 3
Total 16

Transfer Year 2: Second Semester

Course Units
Dance Elective Requirements** 9
GE Upper Division* 3
Electives 4
Total 16
Total units after transfer 60

*Total of 9 units Upper Division General Education must include 3 units from GE B5 Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning (KIN 345 satisfies GE B5), and 6 units from GE Upper Division Section C1 Arts, or GE Upper Division Section C2 Humanities, or GE Upper Division Section D Social Sciences (KIN 306 satisfies 3 units GE upper division D), or GE Upper Division Section F Comparative Cultural Studies. (No more than 3 units from GE Upper Division C and no more than 3 units from GE Upper Division D.) If needed, select UDGE courses that also satisfy: IC: Information Competence, and/or: GE Upper Division Section D2 American History Institutions and Ideals, OR GE Upper Division Section D3 and D4 Constitution of the United States and State and Local Government.

If taken, KIN 380/L satisfies 3 units GE upper division C1 Arts.

**Minimum 25 units in Dance electives chosen with advisor approval from: KIN 314/L, KIN 315/L, KIN 316/L, KIN 317, KIN 318, KIN 319, KIN 380/L, KIN 418, KIN 419, KIN 426, KIN 427, KIN 494A-B, KIN 494I, KIN 498WC, KIN 499A-C.