All lower division GE completed. Lower division major requirements in Physics I, II, and III (PHYS 225, PHYS 226, PHYS 227 and Labs) and Calculus I, II, and III (MATH 150A, MATH 150B, MATH 250) completed as part of the AS-T in Physics.

Transfer Year 1: Fall Semester

Course Units
MATH 280 (if not completed prior to transfer) 3
PHYS 301 (satisfies GE B5***) 3
PHYS 311 3
PHYS 365 2
PHYS 389 3
Total 14

Transfer Year 1: Spring Semester

Course Units
PHYS 366 2
PHYS 375 3
PHYS 402 3
PHYS 410 3
CHEM 101/L (if not completed prior to transfer)* 4/1
Total 16

Transfer Year 2: Fall Semester

Course Units
ASTR 301 3
PHYS 431 4
PHYS 465 2
PHYS Upper Division Elective** 3
GE Upper Division*** 3
Total 15

Transfer Year 2: Spring Semester

Course Units
ASTR 300 3
ASTR 401 3
PHYS 493 1
PHYS 497 3
GE Upper Division*** 3
Electives 3
Total 16
Total units after transfer 60

*Students must satisfy the CHEM 101/L prerequisite by scoring 40 on the Chemistry Placement Test (contact the CSUN Testing Center for details and test dates.) The prerequisite may also be satisfied by completing CHEM 100 at CSUN with minimum grade of “C”.

**PHYS 420, PHYS 421, PHYS 451, PHYS 470, PHYS 480, PHYS 489, PHYS 490 (or others w/department approval).

*** Total of 9 units Upper Division General Education must include 3 units from GE B5 Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning (PHYS 301 satisfies GE B5), and 6 units from GE Upper Division Section C1 Arts, or GE Upper Division Section C2 Humanities, or GE Upper Division Section D Social Sciences, or GE Upper Division Section F Comparative Cultural Studies. (No more than 3 units from GE Upper Division C and no more than 3 units from GE Upper Division D.) If needed, select UDGE courses that also satisfy: IC: Information Competence, and/or: GE Upper Division Section C3 American History Institutions and Ideals, OR GE Upper Division Section D3 and D4 Constitution of the United States and State and Local Government.