This ADT/STAR Act Degree Road Map applies to the following catalog year(s):

Lower division major areas completed as part of the AA-T in Elementary Teacher Education: Freshman Composition; Critical Thinking; Speech Communication; Math for Elementary Teachers I; Biology/Lab; Physical Science/Lab; Literature; Visual and Performing Arts; World Geography; Earth Science; World History; US History; National/State/Local Government; Urban Education; Child Development.

Transfer Year 1: First Semester

Course Units
ART 380/L 2/1
MATH 211 (if not completed prior to transfer) 3
ENGL 305 3
LRS 300 3
EPC 315 (or SPED 402 for students planning to pursue Education Specialist Cred.) 3
Total 15

Transfer Year 1: Second Semester

Course Units
ENGL 303/L 1/2
KIN 314/L 2/1
GEOG 417 or HIST 417 3
MATH 310 3
Interdisciplinary Specialization Course 1 * 3
Total 15

Transfer Year 2: First Semester

Course Units
KIN 470/L 2/1
MATH 312 3
MUS 361/L 2/1
Social and Cultural Context – The Child. One course from: AAS 450, AFRS 420, ARMN 440, CAS 410, CHS 430 3
Interdisciplinary Specialization Course 2 * 3
Total 16

Transfer Year 2: Second Semester

Course Units
ENGL 428 3
LING 417 3
TH 371/L 2/1
Interdisciplinary Specialization Course 3 * 3
Elective 1
Total 14
Total units after transfer 60

This guide applies to students interested in the B.A. Teacher Preparation Pre-Credential Option. Additional units and GPA requirements are needed for students intending to change to the ITEP-Junior Option. Students changing to the ITEP-Junior Option will no longer be eligible for priority registration under the STAR Act program.

* Refer to the Liberal Studies Pre-Credential Program page for the list of Specializations and applicable courses.