This ADT/STAR Act Degree Road Map applies to the following catalog year(s):

All lower division GE completed. Lower-division major requirements of Introduction to Kinesiology (KIN 200), General Biology with Lab (BIOL 101/L), Human Anatomy with Lab (BIOL 211, BIOL 212), Human Physiology (BIOL 281), and Movement Forms are considered complete as part of the AA-T in Kinesiology.

Transfer Year 1: First Semester

Course Units
MATH 140 (if not completed prior to transfer) 4
KIN 300 3
KIN 306 (meets GE Upper Division Section D1 Social Sciences) 3
Dance Electives 4
Total 14

Transfer Year 1: Second Semester

Course Units
KIN 305 4
KIN 345/L (meets GE B5 Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning) 3/1
Dance Electives 6
Total 14

Transfer Year 2: First Semester

Course Units
KIN 346/L 3/1
KIN 377 3
Dance Electives 6
Electives 3
Total 16

Transfer Year 2: Second Semester

Course Units
Dance Electives 9
GE Upper Division from Section C or Section F 3
Electives 4
Total 16
Total units after transfer 60

One course for the degree must have an Ethnic Studies/ES designation.

Dance Electives

Theory Courses

KIN 314/LKIN 315/LKIN 316/LKIN 317KIN 380/LKIN 384KIN 426KIN 427KIN 494A-BKIN 494IKIN 498WA-CKIN 499A-C

Technique Courses

KIN 318KIN 319KIN 321KIN 418KIN 419KIN 421