Student Transfer Achievement Reform (STAR) Act Degree Road Maps

Planning Tools for Students Who Have Received Their Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) from a California Community College

Students who have earned a verified Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) from a California Community College, and who have been admitted to a CSUN major that is deemed similar, will be able to complete the baccalaureate degree within 60 additional semester units.

Lower division General Education (GE) requirements are completed as part of the AA-T or AS-T degree; however, some students may still need an American Institutions and/or GE Comparative Cultural Studies course. To meet the 120 units required to graduate, 60 units must be completed prior to transfer. Remaining CSUN requirements will vary depending upon the transfer coursework students have completed. This information can be verified in the student’s Degree Progress Report/Planner.

To maintain the ADT/STAR Act guarantee of completing a CSUN bachelor’s degree in 60 additional semester units, students are required to:

  • Continue in the AA-T or AS-T major in which they were admitted to CSUN. Changing the major (or option) or adding a second major or a minor that is not required for the major will void the guarantee.
    • Students may submit an appeal to to add a minor or second major to their ADT/STAR degree plan. Appeals must include an advisor-approved degree plan verifying that completion of all requirements within 60 units (and 2 years for California Promise participants) is achievable.
  • Continuously enroll in the same academic major at CSUN unless the student is on an approved leave of absence. After enrollment at a CSU campus begins, the guarantee is not transferrable to another CSU campus.
  • Pass the courses attempted that count toward the guarantee of 60 semester units at CSUN with appropriate grades. Repeated courses do not qualify as progress units.
  • Meet any specific academic progress requirements that are set by some individual academic programs to maintain enrollment in the program.

To be eligible to finish the degree in 60 units, students should follow the ADT/STAR Act Degree Road Map for their major and catalog year provided below. The ADT/STAR Act Degree Road Map is not intended to replace academic advisement and should be used in conjunction with the Degree Progress Report/Planner.

Academic advisement in the major is highly recommended. Some majors require advisement each semester prior to registration.

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