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B.A., Communicative Disorders

The Communicative Disorders major involves studies in the disciplines of speech and hearing sciences, audiology and speech-language pathology. The undergraduate program offers an emphasis in either Audiology or Speech-Language Pathology, and the graduate program offers an emphasis in Speech-Language Pathology.

M.S., Communicative Disorders

The master’s degree is the professional entry-level requirement for employment as a speech-language pathologist. Completion of the baccalaureate and master’s degree programs in Speech-Language Pathology enables students to satisfy the academic requirements for: License in all states to practice in medical, rehabilitative or private practice settings. Education credentials in all states for employment in public …

Speech-Language Pathology Services Credential

The Speech-Language Pathology Services Credential (Language, Speech and Hearing Services and Audiology) is designed for persons who want certification to serve exceptional individuals as language, speech and hearing specialists, and/or as audiologists.

Preparation for Advanced Studies in Speech-Language Pathology Certificate

CSUN’s Certificate of Preparation for Advanced Studies in Speech-Language Pathology (Certificate of Pre-SLP) is designed for college graduates who (a) desire careers in the rapidly growing field of speech-language pathology but did not major in Communication Disorders and Sciences or Speech-Language Pathology as undergraduates, and (b) do not have the minimum prerequisite coursework necessary for admission …