Program: Elementary Education, M.A.

Multilingual and Multicultural Option

Program Description

The Master of Arts in Elementary Education degree builds on the competencies developed in the Multiple Subject Credential program and is designed to provide candidates with advanced professional preparation in education for (1) assuming differentiated careers in school districts, professional organizations, and the community; and (2) continuing into a doctoral program.

Multilingual and Multicultural Option: The multilingual focus in Elementary Education places emphasis on developing a comprehensive and balanced approach to teaching culturally diverse students in K-6 settings. This option also provides an overview of multicultural education, which includes theories and practices in culturally relevant pedagogy, language acquisition, family and community assets, and multicultural arts education.

Program Requirements

A. Required for Admission to the Master of Arts in Elementary Education

  1. Admission to the University.
  2. Department application.
  3. Preliminary teaching credential.

B. Required for Classified Status

  1. Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher, or
  2. University-approved aptitude test for graduate study (GRE or MAT).

C. Other Special Requirements

  1. No more than 12 units of credit may be applied to an M.A. program until classified status is attained.
  2. Courses more than 7 years old will not be included in the total of 30 units required for the M.A. degree.
  3. A corequisite for the M.A. in Elementary Education degree is a Clear teaching credential.

D. Course Requirements

1. Required Core Courses (15 units)

EED 601 Curriculum, Instruction and the Reflective Teacher (3)
EED 602 Applying Technology to Curricular Goals (3)
EED 610 Research in Elementary Education (3)
EED 626 Literacy Instruction for English Learners K-12 (3)
EED 633 Seminar in Elementary School Language Arts Education (3)

2. Multilingual and Multicultural Option Requirements (12 units)

EED 670 Research Applications in ESL Instruction (3)
EED 671 Seminar Multilingual/Multicultural Education (3)
EED 672 Family Literacy and Community Assets: Teacher Advocacy in Multicultural/Multilingual Settings (3)
EED 676 Multicultural Arts Education (3)

3. Culminating Experience (3 units)

EED 697 Directed Comprehensive Studies and Exam (3) (and successful completion of the comprehensive examination)
or EED 698 Thesis or Graduate Project (3)

Total Units Required for the M.A. Degree: 30


Department of Elementary Education
Chair: Greg Knotts
Education (ED) 1206
(818) 677-2621

Graduate Coordinator: Alexandria Hollett
(818) 677-7402

Program Learning Outcomes

Students receiving a Master of Arts in Elementary Education will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate reflective practice by examining their pedagogical content knowledge, and skills to improve diverse students’ learning needs.
  2. Demonstrate theoretical understanding by reading, synthesizing, and evaluating educational theory and research and applying research findings to their practice in diverse classroom settings.
  3. Demonstrate research skills by designing and conducting research and presenting their findings at a professional level in oral and written forms.
  4. Demonstrate educational awareness by knowing current educational issues and how those impact schools.
  5. Demonstrate leadership by influencing policy and practice in educational communities through advocacy and example.