Course: GEOL 406LRS. Liberal Studies Science Experience Capstone (1)

Prerequisites: BIOL 100, BIOL 101 or BIOL 102; PHSC 170; GEOL 106LRS or GEOG 106LRS. This laboratory course serves as a culminating science experience for Liberal Studies majors in the Pre-Credential and ITEP options. An interdisciplinary blend of biology, physics, chemistry, and Earth and space sciences from lower division courses will be integrated into the course as various topics are explored through the broad lens of Earth science. Hands-on investigations will include topics linked to California K-6 State Science Standards, such as the nature of science, astronomy and the solar system, solar energy and meteorology, the water cycle, fossils and the evolution of life, rocks and minerals, natural resources, plate tectonics and Earth’s structure, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and geomorphology. 3 hours lab.

Spring-2024 - Schedule of Classes


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